Proposal in a Shoe (My WWBH Story)

This week the lovely Heather has the prompt cues for us at WWBH:

“You know,”  Gerrad was saying, “We probably ought to think about getting up and getting dressed, don’t you think.”  Molly thought she detected a slight waver in his voice.  Nervousness?  No, Gerrad was never nervous about anything.  She was sure it must be that he was simply out of breath from the intimacy they had shared that morning upon waking.  “Yeah,” she responded, “We probably should.”  

Molly dressed quickly as Gerrad did the same,  then looked around for her shoes.  Oh, yeah, right, there they were.  Next to the door.   Molly slipped her feet into one, but they wouldn’t go on her feet.  “What the heck,” she muttered as she slipped her foot out and back in.  Still her foot wouldn’t go in.  It felt like something was blocking her foot.

Bending down, Molly picked up the shoe to inspect it.  Reaching into the shoe, her hand touched something.  Grabbing a hold of it, Molly pulled out the offending obstruction.  A jewelers box??  How in the world had a jewelers box gotten in her shoe.  She looked carefully at Gerrad who was standing next to the bed passively watching her with an eye slightly raised.

“You wouldn’t happen to know anything about this would you?”  She inquired.

“Why don’t we open it and see what it is,”  Gerrad responded his expression not changing as he crossed the bedroom to stand by her.

Molly opened up the box to find a beautiful diamond solitaire inside.

“Hmmmm, yes, that does seem like something I might get you,” Gerrad was saying,  “Why don’t you try it and see if it fits.”

Somehow knowing that the ring would be a perfect fit, Molly slipped it on to find she was right.  The ring fit on as if it had been made just for her.  Her eye’s glimmered with tears as she looked up at Gerrad.

“It was you that got this for me, wasn’t it.”

“Yes,” Gerrad admitted as he came to stand in front of Molly.  Taking both her slender hands in his own, he brought them to his lips.

“I’ve never loved another women the way I do you, Molly.  Never wanted a women the way I do you, with every fiber of my being.  I want to come home from work each day to your smiling face.  To fall asleep holding you and wake up each  morning with you in my arms,  I want……”   Gerrad stopped as if he could’t find the right words to express his feelings.  

By now, tears were flowing freely down Molly’s face and it seemed there were tears in Gerrad’s eyes as well.

“Yes.”  Molly exclaimed.

“Yes?”  Gerrad replied

“Yes, I’ll marry you.  I’ll be here when you come home, be here to care for and comfort you….”  

A loud whoop came from Gerrad’s mouth as he swooped Molly up and spun her around before setting her carefully on the ground  and indulging in one last long kiss before they finished putting there shoes on.

{Word Count:  499}

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