Inside a Painting (Mondays Finish the Story)

Copyright B.W. Beacham

Copyright Barbara W. Beacham

“Little did they know when the photographer took their picture that they would find themselves trapped in a painting.”


*Flash* *Bang*….

“What the hell.  What just happened”  Roger exclaimed as a bright light filled his vision, momentarily blinding him.  

Looking at the other three members of the musical quartet he was apart of he noticed something wasn’t quite right with the way they looked.  They seemed almost cartoonish somehow, like they belonged in a picture or a painting.

“Quick, Bob, let me see your mirror,”  Roger knew Bob would have a mirror on him.  He always did.  He was such a vain fellow.  A great guy and a good friend, but vain as all get out.

“Sure” Bob responded reaching into a pocket and pulling out his pocket-mirror.  

Roger glanced at the mirror.  Yep, it was just as he feared…

Just then another *flash* and another *bang* and Roger found himself sitting upright in his own bed, sweat dripping from his body.

“Damn I need a break from all those photographers” he muttered to himself as he untangled the sheets from around his body and headed to the kitchen for a nightcap.

{Took a few liberties with the story}

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