Dangerous Mission, Dirty Cop (My WWBH Story)

IMG_20150217_174409“Are you out of your ever loving mind,”  Brenda all but shrieked.  Remembering, only at the last second to keep her voice down.

“Hush,” Samuel admonished, “You trying to get us killed?”  As if Brenda needed a reminder of how dangerous a mission this was.  Tracking down and trying to get intel on some dirty cops that had somehow managed to escape detection over and over.  Ones not above using their power and authority to hurt others.  The situation went farther than the usual simple, low-level “dirty cop” scenario.  This situation definitely involved some “higher ups” and a lot of greasing each others hands.  The whole situation made the usual look like a routine traffic stop.  One wrong move and they could both end up dead….  If they were lucky.

Samuel suddenly put his arms to out the side stopping Brenda dead in her tracks.  Putting his finger to his lips, he motioned her to get down.  From her crouched position, Brenda could just barely make out the faded uniform of one of the dirty cops that she and Samuel intel on.    Training her ears, Brenda tried to listen and gather as much info as she could as “uniform” stopped to talk to someone, she didn’t recognize.  But at the moment she was much more aware of just how closely Samuel was to her….  Too aware.  It didn’t help that he was so close that he was all but in her lap.    Definitely not a good situation to be in on this kind of mission.  She needed to concentrate, and not on the 5’9″ set of muscles practically breathing on her neck.  Using the innate ability she had to shut everything else out of her mind.  It was just the thing for which she had been promoted to “the team” simply known by as “The Academy” for the building in which HQ was located an old non-descript building that had the look of an old school.

Brenda studiously focused her attention back to the the two guys they were watching.

“Phewww”  Samuel exclaimed, after  ‘uniform’  and the other guy moved on, “Any closer I’m afraid we might have ended up in a coffin.

Brenda gave a sigh of relief when Samuel finally stood back up, motioning that it was safe for her to do the same.    She was beginning to feel like a bat in a cave when it was dark out.   

“Were you able to catch what they were saying?”  Samuel whispered to her as she walked just a step behind him.

“Yeah, some.”  Brenda responded back in a whisper.  “Sounds like something going down tomorrow afternoon.  Not sure it’ll be big enough to catch em on though.”

“It’s something anyway, ” Samuel replied back, “Come on let’s get out of here and report back to HQ.

Brenda had no arguments with that one.


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