Stuck in a Down Pour (A Sunday Photo Fiction story)


Photo Credit Joe Owens 2015  Sunday Photo Fiction

Once again joining in to give a go with this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction.  There’s a new(?) – or at least not the usual – host we’ve gotten to use to and I’d like to take a brief moment to wish him all the best.  And with that said,  My story….

The colors of the evening sky would have been absolutely gorgeous if it weren’t for the ominous looking clouds.

Bridgette pulled her sweater around her shoulders that much tighter, wishing she had thought to wear something a little warmer…  OK, a lot warmer.  But then it had been a beautiful summers day not one that lent itself to the thought of needing warm clothing.  And she was suppose to be safely home way before evening fall, not out in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car and no idea where the hell she was at.  She could only hoped the sky didn’t decide to dump a bunch of rain….

“Well so much for wishful thinking” Bridgette thought dismally as a sudden downpour drenched her.

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