#WWBH Blog Hop Kick Off – March 25 (Hiatus/Sabbatical Notice)

Two quick pieces of news.
1) The Writer Wednesday Blog Hop is going on a short hiatus/sabbatical (dont worry we’ll be back in June) – Leanne has more below.

2) I will be busy with the AtoZ Challenge in April.  See my theme reveal.


We’re going on vacation! After at least four years of faithfully bringing you weekly photo prompts to inspire your creative side, the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop team is going on an extended (not indefinite) sabbatical to rest, regroup, and refresh. At this point we plan on returning June 3, 2015 for some fresh summer fun with new prompts and maybe a new twist for this old favorite. ūüôā

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with the final story written by one of our most faithful blog hop participants, Scott Taylor. Thank you, Scott, for your awesome, funny, heartwarming, and creative entries!

Faulkner Made More Sense

Also, if you are really sad now because you really wanted to participate but just hadn’t been able to, here’s a list of all the prompts of this year so far. Feel free to write as many stories as you wish and submit them to the link below. (The same rules apply as listed in each prompt!) We’ll publish all the stories when the Blog Hop returns in June!

Be inspired and keep writing!
Farewell for now.

Your friends and weekly hostesses,
Tena Carr, Heather Musk,
Debb Stanton, and Leanne Sype 

Writer Wednesday 2015 Kickoff! (January 7, 2015)

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#AtoZChallenge: Theme Reveal – Alphabet Short Stories


During the month of April, I will be taking part in the A to Z Challenge.

I will actually be doing the A to Z Challenge on all 4 of my blogs:

Not knowing what direction to go with this blog, I decided to try my hand at writing a very short story using random words (random.org) chosen for each letter. ¬†I’m going to shoot for a minimum of 200 and max of 500 words, probably in the neighborhood of 300-400 words… ¬†A good round set of numbers I’d say. ¬†500 words is the max for the weekly blog hop, ¬†WWBH, that I co-host (which will be on a 2 month break) and many Writing Challenges ask for 100-200 words to challenge you to come up with a good story in as few words as possible…

Here are a couple blogs that have 100-200 word writing challenge (they are not necessarily a part of the A to Z Challenge):


So stay tuned each day in April as I try my hand at writing a few short stories.  Also, as I post each letter I will be adding a link to the 2015 AtoZ Challenge page

#WWBH Blog Hop Kick Off – March 18, 2015

this is just too funny…. I had thought I was the hop host this week and was stressing due to fact it’s like 11:30 at night (Tuesday) and I still hadn’t put this weeks hop to bed. took a break for sec to check email. Good thing I did. Turns out I wasn’t up for this week. So this week Heather is bringing us the weekly Blog Hop

Hi folks! How are we all doing? Each day it seems like the sun is battling with the clouds for dominance in the sky, but more often than not it seems to be winning now. 

Spring is arriving in my garden with the new growth coming through and the daffodils establishing themselves. It’s the promise of new beginnings, and I can feel the same thing happening within my own spirits.

Talking of new
beginnings, it’s the beginning of a new week for the WWBH. We have two
stories sparked from last weeks prompts, and here they are:

Checkmate by Leanne Sype
So, do you fancy having a go at the WWBH? Just write a ~500 word piece of flash fiction based on the
picture prompts that I’ll reveal in a moment.
up by next Tuesday to the froggy at the bottom, and then on
Wednesday we’ll reveal what everyone else has come up with.

If you are new to the WWBH, please do check out the full rules and guidelines first, we’d hate to have to omit a story for something minor.

And now to this weeks prompts, which is one picture and five random words:


milkshake, sausage, button, pumpkin, grasshopper

Returning Home (A Friday Fiction story)

The photo to inspire for this week’s Friday Fiction over at¬† Addicted to Purple:

Frost on a stump. Sandra Crook.

Photo Credit:  Sandra Cook

Jenny refused to give in to the tears that stung the back of her eye lids. ¬†Paw wouldn’t want her to be standing their crying. ¬†“You fall, you get back up again” she remembered him saying time and again when she’d take a spill on her bike. ¬†She had taken a lot of spills in life, not just the physical ones on her bike. ¬†She had returned home to find some peace instead everything was gone, even the tree she climbed as child. ¬†It had been chopped down as had she. ¬† But no longer it was time for a new start

101 words (darn one word over)

Read more Friday Fiction stories from this week:



Meekah’s Forever Home (My #WWBH Story March 11, 2015)

My story was inspired by the 2 photos below (courtesy Tena Carr/Taini Writes) and written for the WWBH Blog Hop Prompt



Meekah’s little paw twitched as she dreamed. ¬†Dreamed of hummingbirds that flitted around in the bush in her backyard. ¬†She loved to tease the little birds, chasing them too and fro, watching them fly about in a frenzy. ¬†Course she would never actually bother trying to catch one, not when she was well fed with tasty food & treats. ¬†Some would say she was a “Fat, Happy kitty”… ¬†Meekah couldn’t complain. ¬†Nice owners (tho she wasn’t too sure about that weird contraption that the alpha-male rode around in), good food, 3 squares a day, a comfy bed on which to sleep, and all the petting ¬†& attention a kitty could wish for (the trick was to act aloof when asking for a petting, like you could care less either way)…. ¬†Yep, life was good here. ¬†The only down fall was the back door neighbor cat that came over to visit on occasions. ¬†She wasn’t too crazy about that cat and was quite vocal in letting her displeasure be known. ¬†Course her humans thought that they had adopted her but, realy, it was she that adopted them. ¬†
From the moment she laid her kitty eyes on them from her kennel at the Humane Society she knew they were the perfect owners. ¬†She knew she belonged with them. ¬† She would have had said so otherwise, and if that hadn’t worked…. ¬†Well there was always her claws. ¬†Letting the lady pick her up, Meekah gave a good loud purr of contentment as she chuffed the women’s ¬†chin with her head. ¬†The kitty cat way of showing humans’s they were happy. ¬†The women laughed as she stroked the top of her head. ¬†“We’ll take this one.” she had said, and Meekah was given a new home, a Forever Home
“How’s my lazy kitty? ¬†You taking another nap”…. ¬†That was Regina the alpha-mom. ¬† Meekah rolled on to her back as Regina petted her, giving her access to her underbelly. ¬†Regina gave such good belly rubs… ¬†and chin rubs too. ¬†Regina rubbed & scratched Meekah’s belly. After a bit, Meekah gave a bit of nip. ¬†Not enough to hurt or draw blood, just a way of saying that that was enough. ¬†Then she jumped down from the bed and headed to her food bowl, meowing at alpha-mom to follow. ¬†At the food bowl, Meekah looked at her food bowl then at alpha-mom, meowing some more in the kitty cat way of communicating she wanted more food.
“You’re becoming a fat kitty with all the food you’re eating.”
Meekah simply purred louder.
Check out this week’s prompt and join in with your own story – there’s still time. ¬†(My apologies for wrong date in the title. ¬†That is actually the post for this week).

2 Minutes… Go!!

This is my attempt at a 2 minute writing challenge which I really should have done on Friday, put out by JD Mader on Unemployed Imagination

“Promise me you’ll stay in touch”
Megan nodded, burying her face in Richard’s uniform jacket.

Richard held her tight.  He wished he had more time to spend with her, but he knew that any minute he would be called to join his comrades.  Pulling the secondary pair of dogtags from around his pocket he placed them in Megan’s hand and curled her fingers around them.

Was She Ready? A Pondering Story

My short story was inspired by the blog prompt over at BYG Adventures Pondering: ¬†Caps¬†{Note: I tried to add the blue froggy link so you could read what others have blogged about but it’s not wanting to link. However you can head over to BYG Adventure using the link I just provided and see what’s been added there}

Megan took the cap off her powdery pink lipstick. ¬†There was an in perceivable shake of her hand as she carefully applied the thinnest shimmer of color. ¬†She had finally completed her training with high honors. ¬†In just a couple hours she would stand and receive her diploma. ¬†Despite the high honors she had received, Megan still couldn’t help but wonder if she was ready. ¬†Had she learned everything she needed to know to succeed?

Affixing  her graduation cap on her head, Megan moved the fringes atop so they lie on the right of her cap, as per tradition..  Later she would move those fringes to the left side as she received her diploma.

Taking a deep breathe Megan checked her cap as well as her lipstick, making sure everything was perfect,  before making her way to where the graduation would commence.


Someone to Love: Picture it and Write

I’m taking part in Ermilia’s “Picture it and Write

{Warning:  While not graphic, my story below does refer to bedroom scenes and intimacy of an adult type nature}blackbowtie

Years of discipline and training kept Greg’s hands rigidly by his side, studiously away from the black tie at his throat. ¬†He could feel the collar of his stiff white shirt chafing the back of his newly shaved neck. ¬†Greg fought of the urge to pull at the black tie and loosen it to unbutton the top buttons of his shirt. ¬†The crisp jacket didn’t help either, not when he was sweating bullets

Burst of laughter bubbled up inside. ¬†He forced it back down. ¬† All those years of discipline and training in the military (and later as the leader of a SWAT team), making him into “one helluva a killing machine” and he was using that training to stay calm in, of all places, a civilian setting… ¬†At his own wedding no less.

Who would of thought that sweet innocent Margarie could have been brought him to his knees. ¬†Greg had thought himself tough and untouchable. ¬†A man that no-one could truly love. ¬†He went through women like a thirsty man through water. ¬†No involvements, no relationships, just one night stands and ‘wham-bam-thankyou ma’am’. ¬†The one thing he could say was that he had never once forced himself upon any of them women he saw, every one of them as willing as he for a night of enjoyment, all knowing he’d be gone the next day. ¬†It worked well for him, until Margarie. ¬†With her caring and loving-gentleness, she made her way into his heart. ¬†He couldn’t really say when or how it had happened but bit by bit he found himself seeking her out more and more, wanting to be with her to spend time with her. ¬†Not just in bed but actually doing things together. ¬†Even in bed he found himself wanting to just hold her without the need to be intimate. ¬†He watched as Margarie made her way up the aisle and his heart melted. ¬†Tears welled up in his eyes as he held out his hands to her taking her tiny hands in his own. ¬†She looked up at him love clearly beaming in her eyes. ¬†“I love you, big guy” she whispered and his melted that much more.

#WWBH Blog Hop Kick Off – March 11, 2015

Wishing everyone a Wonderful Wednesday.  I hope your week so far has been a great one.

Let’s take a look at the two stories from last week’s prompt:

Now then on to this week’s prompt. ¬†I’ve decided to go with 2 Photos meaning that your story must include and be related to the 2 pictures that I will provide below…..

But first, here is a quick run-through of the rules (for more in-depth look head over to my main WWBH Page

  • Write a 500 word (give or take) story related to the prompt (either 2 photos or 1 photo/5 words)
  • In the case of 5 Words your words must be clearly indicated in the story
  • Please remember the photos used are the property of the WWBH Host in question (unless otherwise stated). ¬†While you are welcome to use the photo in your blogpost, please do not share as your own works (credit is very much appreciated).
  • Please make mention that your story is for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop (WWBH). ¬†While not required, a link to the hop is appreciated. ¬† Also appreciated is if you tag your story WWBH (and don’t forget to link up to the blue froggy below)
  • Any questions contact one of the WWBH blog hop hosts: ¬†Leanne, Heather, or myself

OK Then…. ¬†The 2 Photos to inpsire your story



{So you know, my son helped me in choosing the 2 photos}

And lastly…. ¬†Make sure you link to the froggy below so we may include your story in next week’s hop kick-off.

Writing Is A Game of “What If…”

I look at writing like a game of “What if…” – You take things you see, events that have happened to you, people you know….  And you play “What if” —  What if this happened instead of that? What if you change up the actual timeline of events? What if people did things/acted a different way…  So on and so forth.  

This morning, I came across a great article by Nat Russo of Erindor Press In the article he talks about how he comes up with story ideas.  One of the ideas that caught my attention was taking something mundane and start asking yourself questions — “What If” questions and let your imagination roll.

Happy Writing….  And may the Muse be with you ūüėÄ