Book Review — Becoming Bertha by @JaneCarroll10

So here it is Monday and I have yet to write my story for our Weekly Blog Hop —  Once again it seems I won’t be able to participate as time has not been my friend (If you’d like to check it out and, hopefully, participate you can check it out here)….  Another thing that has gotten away from me is my book reviews.  I have two books that I’ve been reading on lately.  One is Paramedico by Benjamin Gilmour…  The other,  Becoming Bertha by Jane Carroll (make sure to check out the Author Interview I did with Jane).

Cover Art Credit:  Cynthia Dendy
Cover Art Credit: Cynthia Dendy

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to check out Jane’s first book Bertha-Size Your Life, I suggest you do…  For those of you who have, you’re sure to enjoy reading more wisdom and witticism from the zany and crazy but incredibly smart and insightful Bertha as she helps Honey through life’s many struggles.

becoming bertha

Bertha continues to give her “soapbox” lectures in her own zany way, making Honey realize and see things in a new, unexpected and often very helpful way.  Each chapter brings a new situation that Honey must deal with and new insights from Bertha as to who how to deal with the situation at hand.


OHHH And while your at it head on over to Jane Carroll’s Author blog.  I know she (and Bertha) will appreciate and your sure to find lots of Bertha-isms and helpful hints for surviving this crazy journey we call life.


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