Someone to Love: Picture it and Write

I’m taking part in Ermilia’s “Picture it and Write

{Warning:  While not graphic, my story below does refer to bedroom scenes and intimacy of an adult type nature}blackbowtie

Years of discipline and training kept Greg’s hands rigidly by his side, studiously away from the black tie at his throat.  He could feel the collar of his stiff white shirt chafing the back of his newly shaved neck.  Greg fought of the urge to pull at the black tie and loosen it to unbutton the top buttons of his shirt.  The crisp jacket didn’t help either, not when he was sweating bullets

Burst of laughter bubbled up inside.  He forced it back down.   All those years of discipline and training in the military (and later as the leader of a SWAT team), making him into “one helluva a killing machine” and he was using that training to stay calm in, of all places, a civilian setting…  At his own wedding no less.

Who would of thought that sweet innocent Margarie could have been brought him to his knees.  Greg had thought himself tough and untouchable.  A man that no-one could truly love.  He went through women like a thirsty man through water.  No involvements, no relationships, just one night stands and ‘wham-bam-thankyou ma’am’.  The one thing he could say was that he had never once forced himself upon any of them women he saw, every one of them as willing as he for a night of enjoyment, all knowing he’d be gone the next day.  It worked well for him, until Margarie.  With her caring and loving-gentleness, she made her way into his heart.  He couldn’t really say when or how it had happened but bit by bit he found himself seeking her out more and more, wanting to be with her to spend time with her.  Not just in bed but actually doing things together.  Even in bed he found himself wanting to just hold her without the need to be intimate.  He watched as Margarie made her way up the aisle and his heart melted.  Tears welled up in his eyes as he held out his hands to her taking her tiny hands in his own.  She looked up at him love clearly beaming in her eyes.  “I love you, big guy” she whispered and his melted that much more.


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