Was She Ready? A Pondering Story

My short story was inspired by the blog prompt over at BYG Adventures Pondering:  Caps {Note: I tried to add the blue froggy link so you could read what others have blogged about but it’s not wanting to link. However you can head over to BYG Adventure using the link I just provided and see what’s been added there}

Megan took the cap off her powdery pink lipstick.  There was an in perceivable shake of her hand as she carefully applied the thinnest shimmer of color.  She had finally completed her training with high honors.  In just a couple hours she would stand and receive her diploma.  Despite the high honors she had received, Megan still couldn’t help but wonder if she was ready.  Had she learned everything she needed to know to succeed?

Affixing  her graduation cap on her head, Megan moved the fringes atop so they lie on the right of her cap, as per tradition..  Later she would move those fringes to the left side as she received her diploma.

Taking a deep breathe Megan checked her cap as well as her lipstick, making sure everything was perfect,  before making her way to where the graduation would commence.



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