Meekah’s Forever Home (My #WWBH Story March 11, 2015)

My story was inspired by the 2 photos below (courtesy Tena Carr/Taini Writes) and written for the WWBH Blog Hop Prompt



Meekah’s little paw twitched as she dreamed.  Dreamed of hummingbirds that flitted around in the bush in her backyard.  She loved to tease the little birds, chasing them too and fro, watching them fly about in a frenzy.  Course she would never actually bother trying to catch one, not when she was well fed with tasty food & treats.  Some would say she was a “Fat, Happy kitty”…  Meekah couldn’t complain.  Nice owners (tho she wasn’t too sure about that weird contraption that the alpha-male rode around in), good food, 3 squares a day, a comfy bed on which to sleep, and all the petting  & attention a kitty could wish for (the trick was to act aloof when asking for a petting, like you could care less either way)….  Yep, life was good here.  The only down fall was the back door neighbor cat that came over to visit on occasions.  She wasn’t too crazy about that cat and was quite vocal in letting her displeasure be known.  Course her humans thought that they had adopted her but, realy, it was she that adopted them.  
From the moment she laid her kitty eyes on them from her kennel at the Humane Society she knew they were the perfect owners.  She knew she belonged with them.   She would have had said so otherwise, and if that hadn’t worked….  Well there was always her claws.  Letting the lady pick her up, Meekah gave a good loud purr of contentment as she chuffed the women’s  chin with her head.  The kitty cat way of showing humans’s they were happy.  The women laughed as she stroked the top of her head.  “We’ll take this one.” she had said, and Meekah was given a new home, a Forever Home
“How’s my lazy kitty?  You taking another nap”….  That was Regina the alpha-mom.   Meekah rolled on to her back as Regina petted her, giving her access to her underbelly.  Regina gave such good belly rubs…  and chin rubs too.  Regina rubbed & scratched Meekah’s belly. After a bit, Meekah gave a bit of nip.  Not enough to hurt or draw blood, just a way of saying that that was enough.  Then she jumped down from the bed and headed to her food bowl, meowing at alpha-mom to follow.  At the food bowl, Meekah looked at her food bowl then at alpha-mom, meowing some more in the kitty cat way of communicating she wanted more food.
“You’re becoming a fat kitty with all the food you’re eating.”
Meekah simply purred louder.
Check out this week’s prompt and join in with your own story – there’s still time.  (My apologies for wrong date in the title.  That is actually the post for this week).


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