Returning Home (A Friday Fiction story)

The photo to inspire for this week’s Friday Fiction over at  Addicted to Purple:

Frost on a stump. Sandra Crook.

Photo Credit:  Sandra Cook

Jenny refused to give in to the tears that stung the back of her eye lids.  Paw wouldn’t want her to be standing their crying.  “You fall, you get back up again” she remembered him saying time and again when she’d take a spill on her bike.  She had taken a lot of spills in life, not just the physical ones on her bike.  She had returned home to find some peace instead everything was gone, even the tree she climbed as child.  It had been chopped down as had she.   But no longer it was time for a new start

101 words (darn one word over)

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4 thoughts on “Returning Home (A Friday Fiction story)

  1. Dear Taini,

    One darn word, eh? You get a pass. Lovely story of despair and ending with hope.

    A couple of grammatical issues if you don’t mind. It should be ‘standing there’ not ‘their.’ You need a comma in the last sentence “No longer, it was…” Otherwise we think it’s no longer time for a new start…unless that’s what you intended.

    Aside from that, well written. (I seem to have a problem with your and you’re 😉 )



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Not sure how I missed the “their”. Both there/their/they’re & your/you’re get me. And for ending I meant first way (comma should’ve been there (whoops). Thank you for reading my little story:-)


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