#AtoZChallenge: Theme Reveal – Alphabet Short Stories


During the month of April, I will be taking part in the A to Z Challenge.

I will actually be doing the A to Z Challenge on all 4 of my blogs:

Not knowing what direction to go with this blog, I decided to try my hand at writing a very short story using random words (random.org) chosen for each letter.  I’m going to shoot for a minimum of 200 and max of 500 words, probably in the neighborhood of 300-400 words…  A good round set of numbers I’d say.  500 words is the max for the weekly blog hop,  WWBH, that I co-host (which will be on a 2 month break) and many Writing Challenges ask for 100-200 words to challenge you to come up with a good story in as few words as possible…

Here are a couple blogs that have 100-200 word writing challenge (they are not necessarily a part of the A to Z Challenge):


So stay tuned each day in April as I try my hand at writing a few short stories.  Also, as I post each letter I will be adding a link to the 2015 AtoZ Challenge page


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