#WWBH Blog Hop Kick Off – March 25 (Hiatus/Sabbatical Notice)

Two quick pieces of news.
1) The Writer Wednesday Blog Hop is going on a short hiatus/sabbatical (dont worry we’ll be back in June) – Leanne has more below.

2) I will be busy with the AtoZ Challenge in April.  See my theme reveal.


We’re going on vacation! After at least four years of faithfully bringing you weekly photo prompts to inspire your creative side, the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop team is going on an extended (not indefinite) sabbatical to rest, regroup, and refresh. At this point we plan on returning June 3, 2015 for some fresh summer fun with new prompts and maybe a new twist for this old favorite. 🙂

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with the final story written by one of our most faithful blog hop participants, Scott Taylor. Thank you, Scott, for your awesome, funny, heartwarming, and creative entries!

Faulkner Made More Sense

Also, if you are really sad now because you really wanted to participate but just hadn’t been able to, here’s a list of all the prompts of this year so far. Feel free to write as many stories as you wish and submit them to the link below. (The same rules apply as listed in each prompt!) We’ll publish all the stories when the Blog Hop returns in June!

Be inspired and keep writing!
Farewell for now.

Your friends and weekly hostesses,
Tena Carr, Heather Musk,
Debb Stanton, and Leanne Sype 

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