#AtoZChallenge: ShortStories – Letter A

A-ZWords for the AtoZ Challenge are randomly chosen using Random.Org.  Words used for letter A are:

  • 1. Ambition
  • 2.Amish
  • 3.Alibi
  • 4.Antiseptic
  • 5.Accost

Becky awoke to find herself in an antiseptic-laden hospital room.  Her memory, hazy at first, slowly returned.  As it did, an alarmed cry escaped her lips.  Her stomach heaved at the terrible memory of being accosted while walking back to her hotel room in the sleepy little Amish town she was visiting.

Her cries brought a matronly looking nurse to her bedside.

“Is everything okay, sweetheart” the nurse asked as she fussed over Becky like a mother hen.

Becky could only shake her head back and forth, her shoulders trembling violently.as her stomach continued to heave violently.  Never in her life had she felt so violated.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, the nurse gently stroked Becky’s head, brushing her hair out of the way as she heaved again and again over the bedside pan the nurse had grabbed from nearby.

“Excuse me?”  A young gentleman stuck his head into the room,  “I’d like to speak with the young miss if I may.”

Becky cringed involuntarily at the sight of the man in her doorway.  She had always been bright and full of ambition.  Normally the imposing looking 6’2 figure wouldn’t have phased her a bit.  Now it put her on edge making her feel small and vulnerable despite her own 5’7 stature.  Her disheveled state and the fact that she was clad in little more than a hospital gown (tho modesty covered by sheets and blankets) didn’t help her level of vulnerability.

“I think perhaps later might be better,” the nurse said authoritatively, coming to her aid.

The man nodded.  “All right” but I do need to some information as quickly as possible.” he replied, with equal authority.  “We need to get a list of suspects as quickly as possible…  There was one but it appears he has an alibi.”


Join Me in the month ofApril as I write “Alphabet stories” each day featuring a different letter from A to Z for the A to Z Challenge.


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