#AtoZChallenge: #ShortStory – Letter D

A day late, I apologize but here it is……..

Words for the AtoZ Challenge are randomly chosen using Random.Org.  Words used for letter D are:

  • DDebate x
  • Devout x 
  • Dismember 
  • Desperate x
  • Dormant x

Diane realized she had been reading the same page of the book she had been reading about a dormant volcano that had suddenly, and without warning, gone active killing hundreds in a nearby small town.

Putting the book down, Diane walked over to the fire place, she picked up the picture of an elderly lady known to all who knew her as “Granny”..  Granny wasn’t Diane’s real grandma but rather a Devout women who had been apart of her life, taking care of her since childhood.

“What am I going to do, Granny?”  Diane asked of the photo she held. in her hand.  “How do I tell little David about his father, a father he doesn’t even know”  The photo refused to give up it’s secrets.  The wisdom of the woman in the picture buried with the women herself.  

Setting down the picture, Diane picked up another.  This one of a young man looking quite debonaire in his dress blues.  The photo had been taken shortly after Dwayne had returned from deployment.  

Dwayne had been excited when Diane had given him the news that she was expecting their child.  He had insisted on them getting married straight away and on her moving with him to where he was stationed.  Diane had debated for a long time on whether or not to join Dwayne thousands a miles a way from where she had grown up.  she had even called up her “Granny”, asking for advise on what to do.

“You must follow your heart”  was the elderly ladies cryptic advise.  Her heart was telling her to go to where Dwayne was but could she really trust her heart  to know what was best.  After a fitful night of prayer she knew her answer.  She made the move across the country to be with Dwayne.  David was born 9 months later.

The first deployment had been hard but the other military wives had been a comfort and a help, making things easier for her.  The second one had been a lot easier, until she got the news that there had been an explosion  near where David had been stationed, his body completely dismembered by the force of the blast.  In the days following she had relied heavily on the help of the other wives in taking care of the her son David and the daily chores that needed doing.

Diane placed the photo of David back next to that of Granny.  She wished Granny was here, alive, to talk to…  She wished David was still alive.  Wished that the whole thing had just been a bad dream and that soon he’d be returning home.  Diane wiped the tears from her eyes.  No amount of wishing was going to bring either back and Diane had a son to raise.  A son, she realized, who was just waking up from his afternoon nap. 

“I promise you, David,” she said picking up his picture one more time, “I’ll raise him, the best I can, to be like you – strong, loyal, brave,  and trustworthy”  She kissed the picture and set it back on the mantle, then went to take care of her son, their son.


Join Me in the month ofApril as I write “Alphabet stories” each day featuring a different letter from A to Z for the A to Z Challenge.


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