#AtoZChallenge: #ShortStory – Letter E

Whooops  that last one wasn’t a day late, it was 2 days late….  This one is a day late….  Hopefully can get caught up here to letter F.

Words for the AtoZ Challenge are randomly chosen using Random.Org.  Words used for letter E are:

  • EExample
  • Empathize
  • Earring 
  • Elastic x
  • Eon x

Evan watched Elly as she slipped the Elastic hair band about her hair, pulling it into a tight pony tail.  The sunlight, just coming in through the bedroom window, shone on her highlighting the silhouette of her face.  As always her beauty caused his breath to catch.  But it wasn’t just her outer beauty that truly en-captured him.  Her inner beauty was what had really drew him to her.  He couldn’t ask for a better women with which to share his life.

He recalled the day he had first asked her out.  Once daring and brave in the face of women, that time he had been nervous and almost shy.  Ever since he had been injured in the Line of Duty from an Errant gun shot he feared that women would find it Embarrassing to be seen with him.  Inner, emotional, struggles made it difficult as well, keeping him from getting involved for fear that he might inadvertently act out and say or do something to scare of any women he might be dating.

Elly had been different.  She truly empathized with him.  Not just the sympathy that some women, those that weren’t embarrassed to be seen with him, falsely portrayed.

As if feeling him watching her, Elly inclined her head towards him awarding him a soft gentle smile.  Evan could spend an eon  gazing at Elly, gazing at the lovely smile on her face.

“What are you thinking about sweetheart?”  she asked as she reached for one of her earrings.

“Just thinking about how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to have a women like you be apart of my life”  Evan replied as he walked over to where Elly was sitting, lifting her face slightly so he could place gentle kiss against her lips.

“Hey!”  Ely said laughing, “You’ll mess up my lipstick.”  Evan gave a mischievous grin and promptly kissed her again.


Join Me in the month ofApril as I write “Alphabet stories” each day featuring a different letter from A to Z for the A to Z Challenge.


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