A Surprise Letter (A ‘2-Minute Write’ Story)

Taking a break from my AtoZ Challenge:  Alphabet Stories to do a quick 2 minute write with Unemployed Imagination: (Looks like I’m posting a bit early at this time because this week’s link isn’t up yet 😛 )

Sherry turned the envelope over thoughtfully in her hand.  She wondered what it could be about.  There was no name just the computer generated label that said “Operation Blue-Force Support.  She slit opened the envelope expecting to find a computer printed form letter of some such.  Instead, she found a handwritten letter.

“Dear Sherry,”  The letter began.  “I don’t know if you’ll even remember me after all these years.  Gosh it really has been a long time.  Anyway, we met several years back at Bidmurth College…


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