#AtoZChallenge: #ShortStory – Letter K

Words for the AtoZ Challenge are randomly chosen using Random.Org.  Words used for letter K are:

  • Kidney Bean – A type of bean that is kidney shaped
  • Kipper – Salt & dried, or smoked, herring (fish)
  • Kneel – To kneel down on one’s knees
  • Key – Device used to lock or unlock something or to start something.  Also an important fact.
  • Kaput – Ruined, destroyed, finished.

Katey absent-mindedly stirred her kidney bean soup.  She took a bite but didn’t really taste it.  Her gaze lifted slightly, coming to rest on Keith  .  At almost 6 foot tall, Keith made an quite an arresting and imposing figure. 

That they had met, much less  gotten involved with each other.  They were quite diverse in their interests & hobbies.  Sometimes it seemed as if they weren’t on the same page. Yet some how, despite vast difference,  Katey and Keith had forged a deep and intense relationship.

Katey couldn’t help but smile sadly as she watched Keith eat his plate of kipper.  He ate the same way he did everything, with quiet studiousness.  It was what made him so good at what he did.  Nothing got past him, not even the smallest clue.  Nothing except the fact that their relationship was nearly kaput.  She wondered where things had gone wrong.  What was the key to rediscovering the romance that had been there in the beginning. Without warning, tears began to fall from Katey’s eyes.Through the tears she saw Keith kneel down before her, taking her hand.

“I know things between us haven’t been right lately,” Keith was saying, “I’ve got some vacation time coming and I thought maybe we could rent an RV and do some traveling.  Just spend some time together the two of us seeing the sites….”

“I  didn’t think you had even noticed….”

Keith gave a wink and smiled,  “Nothing gets past me,”  He then lifted Katey’s hand and gently kissed it.  “I guess I need to work more on doing something about what I”m noticing.”


Join Me in the month of April as I write “Alphabet stories” each day featuring a different letter from A to Z for the A to Z Challenge.


One thought on “#AtoZChallenge: #ShortStory – Letter K

  1. Such a very sweet story! I’m glad it had a happy ending. Great “K” day for you!
    I hope you’re doing okay! Hang in there (smile).


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