I want You (A ‘2-Minute Write’ Story)

A little late (as usual) but here’s my response to JD Maders (Unemployed Imagination) 2 minute write challenge…  

2 Minute timer set…. And Go….

Amber couldn’t help but notice that there was something different about the way Mike had been acting towards her that day, especially that evening at the last night dinner and dance.  She couldn’t help but notice the way he kept looking at her in a way that made her heart rate pick up, the way he had kept close to her side all evening, and the way he would place his hands possessively against her lower back in a quiet (yet universal) way of telling the other guys around to “Back Off”.  She had been wanting to ask him what was up with all that but the right opportunity never posed itself.

Now, as Mike lead her into there shared hotel room, she found herself wanting to ask again.  Instead her breath caught in her throat as Mike reached around her to lock the door to their room – Not just the regular lock, but the “Do Not Disturb” lock.  Her rate increased even more.

“Mike” Amber whispered, his name barely a breathe on her lips…

“Dammit Amber, I want you”

That was actually over 2 minutes but I just couldn’t leave the story hanging in mid thought.  It is also part of a larger story that had taken shape (partly anyway) in my mind.  It starts out with Amber and Mike (who knew each other previously to the start of the story) ending up in the same hotel room, in the same bed (unbeknown to the other at first).  As luck (or lack thereof) would have it there is no other rooms available, nor any at any of the nearby hotels.(with the exception of a sleazy, hooker-style, one).

Another quick note:  I have been undecided (grammar-wise) if that last sentence of the story should read “Dammit Amber, I want you” (as it already does; “Dammit, Amber, I want you”; or “Dammit Amber I want you”  I keep playing with it in my mind and all of them sound correct and yet none of them stand-out as being the best.way.


#WeekendCoffeeShare: Me and #Writing

Or maybe I should title this “Me and what writing??  I haven’t been doing as much in the way of writing (including challenge writing) lately.  And, infact, haven’t even gotten around to doing my book reviews &  Author Interviews in the past month or so (guess that’s not too bad considering I only do about one a month on those anyway)….

Ohhh my gosh, how rude of me, I forgot to offer a cup of coffee (or whatever strikes your fancy).  I’d say no alcoholic beverages as I don’t have any on hand here but then this is the virtual world so what the heck…  Also, you can head over to the Jottings and Writings Coffee Share post to read a little about how I found out about this whole Weekend Coffee Share thing.

So, what can I share with you??

Well there’s my mom’s books…  A while back I got the text portion of her books typed into my computer and had also  scanned the artwork for her books.  Unfortunately the scans didn’t turn out quite right (partly due to the spiral binding getting in the way of a proper scan of the pictures).  We took the spiral binding out and now I can go in and re-scan.  There was a couple other problems as well that need some fixing).  Once I get the pictures re-scanned and everything set up properly my husband can help me with the process of putting everything together and getting the books up on Lulu; And, perhaps, even on amazon (though with all that I’ve heard about piracy and people stealing others work on e-books, putting the books up an e-book is a bit scary).

Me and the ladies over at the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop (Leanne, Heather, and Debb) are taking a bit of a sabbatical to refresh & regroup, but we’ll (plans are) be back in June for more WWBH fun.  In the mean time you can read some of past entries from 2014 & 2015 (thus far), and join in with your own WWBH stories (links to the kicks offs can be found on the 2015 WWBH page as well as our “Taking a Sabbatical” post.

As soon as i’m done with my Weekend Coffee Share‘s  I’ll be doing a 2 minute writing challenge, put on by Unemployed Imagination.  I’m a bit of a rule breaker there as the challenge is set for Friday but I’m lucky if I manage to get to it by Sunday (if at all)….  Anyway, stay-tuned as that’ll be my next post on this blog…

But first to finish up with one more coffee share.  If you care to join me over there, I’ll meet you over at Public Safety Tidbits for one last “Coffee Share” for this weekend.

Feeling Like a Failure (Mondays Finish the Story)

I have to admit April was a bit nutty between the A-ZChallenge (which I, sadly, did not complete),  Spring holidays at the beginning and a bout of Vertigo that had me down for a couple days – followed by attempts at catching up with household/family/home-office related chores (HA!)…  

When I saw this week’s photo prompt and the “starting words” I knew I had to do something.  Especially considering that “contemplating my life” (and finding it a dismal failure) is just what I’ve been dealing with the past couple days. 

Here goes:

Arriving at the beach, she reflected on her life. Tears streamed, unchecked, down her face as she thought about the failures in her life.  It seemed all there had been was failures.  She had nothing to show for her 50+ years.  No career.  No bragging rights to being PTO Mom of the year or Volunteer of the year.  Her marriage was in shambles her kids hardly talked to her.  She wondered, briefly, if life was even worth the fight anymore.  Perhaps her mom had the right idea taking her own life not far from that very spot

Then a voice inside her head, so real she searched around for it, “Don’t do what I did.  Don’t make the same mistake.  Forever truly is forever…  There’s no going back, No tomorrow, No “things getting better”.”

Giving her head a shake, Trish found herself sitting on a large rock her arms hugging her knees, her face buried in against her leg.  Tears fell harder till there was no more tears left.

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Determined to Finish (My WWBH Story)

#ThrowbackThursday… An old #WWBH story I wrote

Taini's Writings

Here is my story based on the two photos in the story.  I did got a little bit over the 500 limit but only by a little bit  so hopefully none of the other hop ladies are counting 😉
2015/01/img_3902.jpgMonica hoisted her pack further up on her shoulders.  Sweat dripped from her brow the saltiness of it stinging her eyes, nearly blinding her.  Her legs were cramping something fierce, her stomache felt like it was on fire, and her head was starting to pound.  But she refused to give up.

Monica took a long drink from her water bottle. She was determined to finish the 5 mile hike that she had set out on.  Was determined not to give up.

Monica had spent the entire spring working to prepare herself for this hike.  She had started out with short 1/4 & 1/2 mile  walks, working her way up to…

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