Determined to Finish (My WWBH Story)

#ThrowbackThursday… An old #WWBH story I wrote

Taini's Writings

Here is my story based on the two photos in the story.  I did got a little bit over the 500 limit but only by a little bit  so hopefully none of the other hop ladies are counting 😉
2015/01/img_3902.jpgMonica hoisted her pack further up on her shoulders.  Sweat dripped from her brow the saltiness of it stinging her eyes, nearly blinding her.  Her legs were cramping something fierce, her stomache felt like it was on fire, and her head was starting to pound.  But she refused to give up.

Monica took a long drink from her water bottle. She was determined to finish the 5 mile hike that she had set out on.  Was determined not to give up.

Monica had spent the entire spring working to prepare herself for this hike.  She had started out with short 1/4 & 1/2 mile  walks, working her way up to…

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