#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, June 21-27


Hey there all.  Only got a few minutes for a quick coffee share.  Getting ready to head out to the store again… Yes, I was there early this morning but turns out I need a couple other things to make cupcakes and while I’m there, I might as well grab popcorn for “movie night” –  I have a hankering for The Railway Children, plus (I think) hubby found a couple other movies for us to watch.

The biggest excitement, which I know I already mentioned, was that I signed up (and have been invited into a cabin) for campnanowrimo.  It starts in just a few days.  Last year I want “pantser” – in other words writing by the seat of my pants…  Guess you could say I’m doing about the same this year but with just the tiniest bit of more structure in that instead of just writing random short stories, I’m actually going to attempt the semblance of a book…  We shall see.

I keep hoping to have time to do more writing for challenges but with everything going on, I’m just not getting as much of that done as I’d like…  Sadly, writing & blogging doesn’t get work done around the house or in you work or…. well you get the idea.  The whole “Camp NaNo” thing is really going to keep me busy in July as I I have a goal of 20,000 words by the end.  Yeah, I know, peace-o-cake for you writing expert types, especially those of you who can better afford the time to sit and write (I’m not jealous, really I’m not… I know that just as much as there are those who have (loosely put) plenty of time to write, there are those who struggle to find a few minutes here and there…  Besides, in some ways, I only have myself to blame in that some of the stuff on my plate is of my own doing but I just can’t give them up (not when it has to do with my Public Safety Tidbits stuff…  And how do I tell my family that I’m too busy for them  or that I’m not willing to look for work (when I’m the only one who can)….   SHUT UP Taini,  way too much bitching and complaining there….  it is what it is….

Enough of my crap…  How’s your week been?   Got a bit carried away with all my ranting.  Cupcakes and popcorn and movie and I’m sure I’ll feel much better 🙂



Fire (Picture it and Write)

Taking part in Ermilia’s “Picture it and Write” challenge:

The Photo to Inspire:


Acrid smoke filled the hallway of the apartment complex where Barbara lived.    She was filled with a moment of terror as the realization that the fire escapes were now blocked.  But only for a moment.  There wasn’t time for any more than moment  and even that had lost her valuable time.  Thinking quickly, she shut the door to her apartment and grabbed all the towels she could find, got them wet and stuffed them around the bottom of the door.

Once the towels were in place, Barbara picked up her phone to dial 9-1-1 but the lines were dead….  Her only hope now was that the fire department had been notified of the fire.  Several moments later, smoke began to seep into her apartment through the doorway, despite the towels she had placed there.  Barbara lay down covered her nose and mouth with one of her old t-shirts, laid down on the floor, and waited….

A Day of Hard Work (A Sunday Photo Fiction story)

The Sunday Photo Fiction challenge:

Write a short story, or a piece of poetry, of about 200 words – using the photo provided as inspiration:

The sun setting behind buildings

The sun setting behind buildings

I do not know who the credit should go to, but whoever it is —  Gorgeous picture!! 

My story follows… 


Monica arched her back to stretch out the kinks as she watched the sun set, slowly disappearing behind the mountains.  She had arrived at the studio early that morning, in time to see the sun peeking above the mountains to the east.  

What a day it had been.  She had been so busy with cleaning and organizing that the day had flown by without her hardly being aware.  So busy had she been, that she hadn’t even been outside once the entire day.  Even her lunch she ate inside, still working while she took bites of the sandwich and vegetable stics she had brought from home.  There had been a lot to get done.  The small studio, that had once belonged to her mother, had been covered in dust and cobwebs.

Monica took one last look around the studio and smiled.  The hard work had been well worth it, the place was all cleaned up and looked nearly brand new.  Everything was set for her grand opening tomorrow.  Looking towards the sun, that cast it’s rays on the sign above the studio, Monica felt as if her mother was smiling down on her and wishing her luck.


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Do I Hafta? (Monday Finish the Story)

A fun “Finish the Story” challenge, put together by Barbara Beacham.  Barbara challenges us to finish the story using the picture as a prompt with only 100-150 words

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with: Hey boys, how ’bout y’all makin’ yer Ma some wind chimes?”

Hey boys, how ’bout y’all makin’ yer Ma some wind chimes?

Tommy groaned as the three other boys jumped up and down, excitedly talking about all the “cool” things they could use to make their wind chimes.  Making wind chimes, especially with his younger brothers, wasn’t exactly Tommy’s idea of a good time.  He’d much rather be out hiking in the woods that surrounded the small family cabin, maybe even taking pop shots at the numerous gophers running around.  Ma was always fussing about the gophers getting in her garden.,  Or maybe hiding out in a tree fort he had made himself, reading a book.

“Awww, Maaaa,” he whined. “Do I hafta.”

Ma gave him that look she gave whenever one of the boys got to whining.  

“Tommy,” She scolded.  “You’re way to old to be whining.  Tell you what,  make wind-chimes with the boys and then you can have some time to yourself to go hiking.”

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I’ve Gone and Done It

you know the song – Love gets me everytime  (“I gol’ darn gone and done it”)

Well I’ve gone and done it…  No,  Not fallen in love.  I’ve gone and signed myself up for Camp NaNoWriMo  for the second year running.  I just got invited into a cabin too, the same cabin I was in last year – WHOOT WHOOT. So excited to be back with my cabinmates.  Nervous too.  When I was asked if I was going to be joining again at first, I wasn’t sure –  I went back and forth wondering if I should take the plunge again.  When I did decide to go ahead and take that proverbial leap off the high board I went in (signed up) with no real idea what direction to go.  I had already done a “short story romance”- pantser style – last year and didn’t want to repeat.  Then the idea came to me….  “Lost Memory Romance”  That’s going to be the working title anyway (It might get changed later, who knows).  I have a synopsis written but, beyond that, have no real firm direction to the story.  Bits and pieces are in mind but the problem is going to be putting it all together into something that resembles a cohesive story.  Wish me luck…. I’ll need it.  And stay tuned as I share more of my Camp NaNoWrMo journey.

My Profile on Camp NaNoWriMo

#WeekendCoffeeShare: June 14 – 20

Hi again.  Having a good week writing?  How’s your writing project coming along?   Don’t forget to get up and move about —  A walk, A bike ride (even a good stretch can make a difference).  Besides, getting out can help get those creative juices going if your stuck in a writing wrut (rut)….  Don’t know about you but I can’t help but think that some more coffee for our Weekend Coffee Share is sounding good right now…  But then again some of you may prefer tea —  That also sounds mighty good.  (Insane considering the triple digit temps we’ve been having around here).

Well, I’ve gone and done it..  I’ve gone and signed up, once again, for Camp NaNoWriMo….  Talk about nervous (*gulp*)  I’m no where near ready for this to kick-off on July 1st.  I’ll be posting a little bit more about signing up for Camp NaNo in another blogpost a bit later.  Guess you could say that’s the big excitement for me…  Did I mention nervous?!?

This last wednesday we (the WWBH Hop Ladies) made the difficult decision to put on a permanent hold the weekly  Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.  It was with sadness and a heavy heart that we decided to do this but  one by one we find ourselves at a place in our lives where we just didn’t have the time to devote to keeping the hop running.  It’s not that it takes a lot of time, if there’s 4 of us doing it (even could 2 could manage and have in the past) but we’re all being pulled in other directions and dealing with overly full-plates .and families that need us.

Well that’s whats been going on around here.  How about you?  What’s been on your plate this week?



Afraid of a Hero (2 Minute Write)

This is in response to JD Mader’s “2 Minute Go” challenge.  Join the fun each Friday.

“Excuse me,” Brenda muttered as she ducked around the brawny firefighter standing in front of her leaving him staring after her in amused confusion.  He had never had a girl run from him like that.

Brenda slowed up after she had put a bit of distance between them.  Her heart pounded.  Dammit!!, Why did he have to be so darn good looking.  She wouldn’t let herself get attracted to him, she just wouldn’t

#WWBH Says a Sad Good-bye

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we (the “Hop Ladies”) of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop (known by as WWBH) say Good-Bye.  

There is a saying that goes

Seasons come and Seasons go.  

Leanne (one of the WWBH Hop Ladies) from Writings and Ruminations puts it this way

“Sometimes our endeavors are only meant for a season; how long that season lasts, no one really knows until it ends.”

She describes the WWBH season best saying that “WWBH experienced a full and fruitful season”.  And it has…  a good 3 years, at least.  

I do not know the full history of WWBH or when it first began.  I do know that it was the brain child of either Carrie (who ran a blog called Chasing Revery)  or Nicole (who runs The World of My Imagination), who were the original hostesses of the WWBH.  I first joined the WWBH as a host  on July 04, 2012  with the two above mentioned lovely ladies and it wasn’t long before I brought Leanne on board.  

As mentioned earlier, seasons come and go and things change.  I’m sure if I were to go back through my archives I could tell you when it occurred but I find myself fighting to keep eyelids open and the thoughts of a early hour awakening looming over me….  But, as I was saying, things change and both Carrie and Nicole found themselves (for different reasons) needing to step away from and say good-bye to the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.  

After some discussion, Leanne and I decided we would keep the candle burning so to speak.  It wasn’t long after before Heather (Reading, Writing, Everything) joined us and not long afterwards Debb (Stanton Sunshine) joined us as our newest and latest member.

The four of us have found ourselves being called away in different directions for different reasons.  I think the common denominator, for the most part,  is family but there are other reasons as well – reasons I won’t go into….

Seasons come and Seasons Go, Nothing stays the same.

Perhaps a time will come when it will be a season for WWBh once more.  Until that time comes we wish you all the best that life has to offer and the best in your writing where ever that journey takes you.  Perhaps we will see you around the Blogdom….  Perhaps in one of the other Writing Prompts or Writing Challenges that are out there.

Happy Blogging/Writing and May the Muse be With You

Leanne of Writings and Ruminations

Heather of Reading, Writing, Everything

Debb of Sunshine Stanton

Tena of Taini’s Writings

#WeekendCoffeeShare: June 07 – June 13

Did you all have a good week last week?  How about the weekend?  Have fun?  Are you revived and revitalized and ready to write?   Once I get my Coffee Shares hosted by PartTimeMonster out of the way, I think I’m gonna try my hand at a couple of writing challenges.  Lately, I’ve been neglecting them.  Partly, it’s been due to the lack of necessary time (well mostly that).  But the lack of muse has not been helpful either.

It seems writing often ends up taking a backseat in my life.  It’s one of those things that my family just doesn’t understand and sees as somewhat of a a waste of time.(sometimes I think they see it as a complete waste of time).

I guess I’m on a bit of a rant this weekend (and I’ll totally understand if you want to turn-tale(tail) and abandon our little coffee share….

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day just to do all the household and home office chores that I am either obligated (or feel obligated) to do, make sure my husband (who is disabled with a SCI) and son (who has mild aspergers) have what they need, plus spend time searching for a job and/or work on ways to bring in an income & career growth….  it often seems that I am playing a balancing act between everything.  The obvious answer would be to remove things from my plate…  But what??  I can’t give up the things my family needs (they wouldn’t go for that idea).  I can’t give up career growth or money making – The SSD my husband receives and other assistance isn’t enough to make it through the month (and assistance from one’s parents is not all it’s cracked up to be).  I should be thankful for the help we’re getting but sometimes I wish we could just leave here and not deal with the crap.    Solution?  Walk away, leave – Problem? – I have a feeling my parents would throw a fit if we were to try and move on without a suitable home for our son (As for me and my husband – well we really don’t matter at all)…..  Ah well, Rant Over.  Besides, it really doesn’t change or fix anything….  I’m gonna finish out the rest of my coffee shares and then try to have a go at some writing challenges.  Who knows, maybe I’ll come up with something good – At the very least, I’ll feel better 🙂

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#WWBH Return Prompt & WWBH Future

I meant to post this hours ago (this morning)…  In fact I had told the other hop ladies I’d do so right after my morning bike ride.  In my defense, I was busy in the kitchen making chicken croquettes and banana bread – the latter of which I took to the local FD admin building.

This week Heather has graciously agreed to do our “Return to WWBH” post.   In it she asks what your thoughts are regarding the future of WWBH.  Do you like WWBH? Do you want to see it continue?  What changes would you make?

Don’t forget to write your short story and link to the froggy below.  Happy Writing and May the Muse be With You


Hi folks! It’s been a while since last we brought you a prompt for your mid-week dose of flash fiction, but after a much needed rest we are back to get you going once again.

So, have you missed us? We’d love to know your thoughts on our little weekly hop, if you enjoy writing/reading the stories each week, is there any way we can improve? It’s important to us to get it right, so that we can all still enjoy it.

The Writer Wednesday blog hop is a little something we like to bring to the writing community to help you kick-start those writing urges, to help you through a lull in your bigger projects or just a bit of fun to get you to your weekend.

As usual, there is a picture prompt and five random words, and all you have to do is give us a bit of flash fiction in 500 words or less. It’s that simple.

So, to get us going once again, here is this weeks picture:

Property of H J Musk

And this weeks words:          colony, vice, vegetable, barber, trumpet 

You have until the end of next Tuesday to link up your story with the linky frog below, and on Wednesday we look forward to sharing your stories as well as bringing you a brand new prompt.

Don’t forget to link back to this post when you linkup and reference the WWBH. We want to spread our message as far as we can!