Debb Stanton’s #WWBH Story for Feb 25, 2015

I’m helping fellow Writer Wednesday Blog Hop host and friend/sister Debb Stanton (StantonSunshine).  Due to some technical difficulties, she asked if I might “publish” her story for her and I agreed.  Here’s her story for the  February 25, 2015 Hop
I am catching up…I have missed being part of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop. Now the tides have turned and I am able to write stories again. Here we go:


(Key words: mine, resemble, messenger, crew, gaunt)


The people in Mesa who had a good imagination were sure to think Kevin could resemble an old miner. To them he looked about 80 years old, with his shabby clothing and thin, gaunt face. He looked to be a messenger of death.

Truth be told, Kevin was only 39 years old. He wandered from town to town, working only long enough to pay for food while on the way to yet another town. Relationships he had had, but nobody snagged his heart so that he could stay in one place longer than a week.

Down on his luck, Kevin went inside a saloon. He met a crew of miners who said there was a job for him if he wanted it. They didn’t want commitments from him but sure would like it if he worked for them a little while. Always positive, Kevin assumed this was a good turn in the road for him (he would find out there literally would be a turn in the road). He got directions to the mine and promised to be there the next morning. He ignored the ravaging hunger in his belly.

The next morning dawned bright and clear. Kevin looked at the wrinkled piece of paper in his hand and followed the directions. “Come to the road that has a sign that warns that the road becomes a dirt road and the speed limit is only 25 mph.”

Arriving at the mine, Kevin stopped into the little building in front. He figured he had to fill out some paperwork to start a job…Becca, the manager, came through a back door into the office. Upon seeing Kevin, she dropped the file folders she was holding.

“Ke-Kev-Kevin?” Becca whispered. “Is it really you?”

“Becca? I didn’t know you moved back to Mesa!” Kevin said, equally surprised.

“I haven’t moved back — I’m just filling in for Uncle Marty.”

A year later, Becca was still working in Uncle Marty’s mine office. Kevin was no longer a mine apprentice, but a full-time miner. The two had celebrated their both having been at a place longer than a week by marrying. Kevin let someone love him and didn’t have the wanderlust he had once had.

Things had turned out well for Kevin and Becca after all. Kevin was no longer a desperado, and Becca had let love catch her, too.



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