#WeekendCoffeeShare: May 31 – June 6

I’m afraid this week has been pretty boring in the writing/blogging department.  With everything else going on, there’s barely been time for any blogging…  Much less writing.  I did manage to get my WeekendCoffeeShare’s out on my various blogs:

And I also was able to do a DailyPost Prompt post this morning

As for writing any stories for challenges, or otherwise – Afraid not.  I’m hoping, but not promising anything.  Gotta a few things to take care of today, but we’ll see….  (One can always hope, can’t they ?!?).

In the meantime, what writing projects are you working on?  How’s the project coming along for you?  I heard/read a great piece of advise for those dreaded “Writing Blocks”

  1. Take a sheet of paper (or you can type if prefer) and just start writing what ever random thoughts that come to mind…  You don’t care about it making any sense, just WRITE!!
  2. Take a break a way from the writing project for a short while – go do something else for a little bit and give your mind a break – it could be your mind is getting overloaded and you need to step back/away to allow your mind to reset.

Just a couple ideas I came across this week.  Have fun writing and may the Muse be With You.


One thought on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: May 31 – June 6

  1. Free-writing can really be helpful when you’re experiencing writer’s block. I used to have students do guided free-writes (give a topic or ask a question) and then use one thing from what they’d started writing to do the next free-write, and that seemed to help them write their way to an idea.

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