#WWBH Says a Sad Good-bye

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we (the “Hop Ladies”) of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop (known by as WWBH) say Good-Bye.  

There is a saying that goes

Seasons come and Seasons go.  

Leanne (one of the WWBH Hop Ladies) from Writings and Ruminations puts it this way

“Sometimes our endeavors are only meant for a season; how long that season lasts, no one really knows until it ends.”

She describes the WWBH season best saying that “WWBH experienced a full and fruitful season”.  And it has…  a good 3 years, at least.  

I do not know the full history of WWBH or when it first began.  I do know that it was the brain child of either Carrie (who ran a blog called Chasing Revery)  or Nicole (who runs The World of My Imagination), who were the original hostesses of the WWBH.  I first joined the WWBH as a host  on July 04, 2012  with the two above mentioned lovely ladies and it wasn’t long before I brought Leanne on board.  

As mentioned earlier, seasons come and go and things change.  I’m sure if I were to go back through my archives I could tell you when it occurred but I find myself fighting to keep eyelids open and the thoughts of a early hour awakening looming over me….  But, as I was saying, things change and both Carrie and Nicole found themselves (for different reasons) needing to step away from and say good-bye to the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.  

After some discussion, Leanne and I decided we would keep the candle burning so to speak.  It wasn’t long after before Heather (Reading, Writing, Everything) joined us and not long afterwards Debb (Stanton Sunshine) joined us as our newest and latest member.

The four of us have found ourselves being called away in different directions for different reasons.  I think the common denominator, for the most part,  is family but there are other reasons as well – reasons I won’t go into….

Seasons come and Seasons Go, Nothing stays the same.

Perhaps a time will come when it will be a season for WWBh once more.  Until that time comes we wish you all the best that life has to offer and the best in your writing where ever that journey takes you.  Perhaps we will see you around the Blogdom….  Perhaps in one of the other Writing Prompts or Writing Challenges that are out there.

Happy Blogging/Writing and May the Muse be With You

Leanne of Writings and Ruminations

Heather of Reading, Writing, Everything

Debb of Sunshine Stanton

Tena of Taini’s Writings


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