I’ve Gone and Done It

you know the song – Love gets me everytime  (“I gol’ darn gone and done it”)

Well I’ve gone and done it…  No,  Not fallen in love.  I’ve gone and signed myself up for Camp NaNoWriMo  for the second year running.  I just got invited into a cabin too, the same cabin I was in last year – WHOOT WHOOT. So excited to be back with my cabinmates.  Nervous too.  When I was asked if I was going to be joining again at first, I wasn’t sure –  I went back and forth wondering if I should take the plunge again.  When I did decide to go ahead and take that proverbial leap off the high board I went in (signed up) with no real idea what direction to go.  I had already done a “short story romance”- pantser style – last year and didn’t want to repeat.  Then the idea came to me….  “Lost Memory Romance”  That’s going to be the working title anyway (It might get changed later, who knows).  I have a synopsis written but, beyond that, have no real firm direction to the story.  Bits and pieces are in mind but the problem is going to be putting it all together into something that resembles a cohesive story.  Wish me luck…. I’ll need it.  And stay tuned as I share more of my Camp NaNoWrMo journey.

My Profile on Camp NaNoWriMo


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