A Day of Hard Work (A Sunday Photo Fiction story)

The Sunday Photo Fiction challenge:

Write a short story, or a piece of poetry, of about 200 words – using the photo provided as inspiration:

The sun setting behind buildings

The sun setting behind buildings

I do not know who the credit should go to, but whoever it is —  Gorgeous picture!! 

My story follows… 


Monica arched her back to stretch out the kinks as she watched the sun set, slowly disappearing behind the mountains.  She had arrived at the studio early that morning, in time to see the sun peeking above the mountains to the east.  

What a day it had been.  She had been so busy with cleaning and organizing that the day had flown by without her hardly being aware.  So busy had she been, that she hadn’t even been outside once the entire day.  Even her lunch she ate inside, still working while she took bites of the sandwich and vegetable stics she had brought from home.  There had been a lot to get done.  The small studio, that had once belonged to her mother, had been covered in dust and cobwebs.

Monica took one last look around the studio and smiled.  The hard work had been well worth it, the place was all cleaned up and looked nearly brand new.  Everything was set for her grand opening tomorrow.  Looking towards the sun, that cast it’s rays on the sign above the studio, Monica felt as if her mother was smiling down on her and wishing her luck.


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