#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, June 21-27


Hey there all.  Only got a few minutes for a quick coffee share.  Getting ready to head out to the store again… Yes, I was there early this morning but turns out I need a couple other things to make cupcakes and while I’m there, I might as well grab popcorn for “movie night” –  I have a hankering for The Railway Children, plus (I think) hubby found a couple other movies for us to watch.

The biggest excitement, which I know I already mentioned, was that I signed up (and have been invited into a cabin) for campnanowrimo.  It starts in just a few days.  Last year I want “pantser” – in other words writing by the seat of my pants…  Guess you could say I’m doing about the same this year but with just the tiniest bit of more structure in that instead of just writing random short stories, I’m actually going to attempt the semblance of a book…  We shall see.

I keep hoping to have time to do more writing for challenges but with everything going on, I’m just not getting as much of that done as I’d like…  Sadly, writing & blogging doesn’t get work done around the house or in you work or…. well you get the idea.  The whole “Camp NaNo” thing is really going to keep me busy in July as I I have a goal of 20,000 words by the end.  Yeah, I know, peace-o-cake for you writing expert types, especially those of you who can better afford the time to sit and write (I’m not jealous, really I’m not… I know that just as much as there are those who have (loosely put) plenty of time to write, there are those who struggle to find a few minutes here and there…  Besides, in some ways, I only have myself to blame in that some of the stuff on my plate is of my own doing but I just can’t give them up (not when it has to do with my Public Safety Tidbits stuff…  And how do I tell my family that I’m too busy for them  or that I’m not willing to look for work (when I’m the only one who can)….   SHUT UP Taini,  way too much bitching and complaining there….  it is what it is….

Enough of my crap…  How’s your week been?   Got a bit carried away with all my ranting.  Cupcakes and popcorn and movie and I’m sure I’ll feel much better 🙂



3 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, June 21-27

    1. 4 – LOL…. And they’re each so different…. The 2 main ones are my personal blog (Jottings) and Writing (Taini Writes)… The others i do less on.

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