#CampNanoWriMo 2015 – Day Five


Afraid I’m not off to a really good start with Camp NaNo this year.  By the end of today I should be at, let’s see…..  3.225 words and I’m only at, ummmmm….  2,140 words.  That means that in order to reach my goal of 20,000 words on time (by the end of July) I would need to log 662 words (instead of the 645 that it originally was) and that’s if I write/type each and every day….  At the rate I’m going (an average of not quite 500 words/day) I’ll be finishing up in the middle of August.

I seriously need to get some major writing in to get caught up…. But then I also have to head out to a couple stores to do some shopping.  I should be able to get some writing time in when I get back home (at the expense of other things that need to get done around here as well – such is life, and my luck).

Best of Luck with Writing everyone (whether doing Camp NaNo or not) —  May the Muse be With You!!!!

Click this link for a quick excerpt from my story – Lost Memory Romance”:



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