#CampNanoWriMo 2015 – Day Nine and Exerpt

Ended up spending the better part of yesterday out running errands  and such.  Had planned to spend a couple minutes writing in the early morning (but then I also planned on trying to add some more product to my on-line shops for NancyPolkArtist….  Yeah, that didn’t go so well, neither one.  Ended up getting into a bunch of other little projects that needed doing  Talk about “squirrel” 😛

Since I’m not logging the dates of what I write when, I don’t know exactly what day I wrote this.  I know it wasn’t yesterday (pretty sure it wasn’t) – I do know that was the last bit I wrote for story from just a couple days ago…. It hasn’t been that long since I last wrote, just seems like it 😉

Jason sat next to Brenda, on the edge of the bed, wondering to himself why he felt the need to comfort her.  Why he had felt the need to stay involved when he could have just as easily walked away after transporting her to the hospital.  It had been a number of years since he had last seen her and no doubt her life was a lot different than from when he knew her during her college days.  The only thing that made any kind of logical sense to him was that he just couldn’t leave her to deal with everything on her own.  Especially when she had no memory of who she was.  He had connected with her on some level during the time in which she was being extricated.  Even though she had no idea who he was, Brenda had seemed to respond to his presence, more so than she had anyone else on scene.

I know this quite rough….  If you have any advice or pointers for me please let me know..  Constructive Criticism is appreciative as long as you play nice 🙂

OK time to get back to the gazillion things I’ve got going on – Writing, Online shops, Planning FB party for Mary Kay, Writing.

Wishing you all an Awesome day and may the Muse be with You.


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