#WeekendCoffeeShare: 2015, July 05-11

Don’t have a lot of time for this weeks Weekend Coffee Share  and I do apologize for jumping in and out like this.

What can I say about this week?  Smh – Not much really.  Feels like Camp NaNo has turned into a complete flop for me this year…. Oh it isn’t the camp – nothing wrong there that I’ve seen, but then I haven’t really been involved in using the resources to their full potential (hell I’ve done good just to manage to do any writing on my story) and sure isn’t my cabin-mates  (they  have been awesome)…  I should take a sec and introduce you to a couple of their blogs:

A Novel Journey

Writing Wings for You

I have managed to get in a total of 3,249 words on my story so far.  In many ways, I guess it’s coming along better than I had hoped – considering it’s my first time trying  for an actual story rather than just micro-type stories (or whatever you call them)….

Well back to work – Got plenty of things to work on: Planning a Mary Kay facebook party; Work on adding more product to some online shops; Get some writing done….  But first, I need seriously need to consider dinner.


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