Short Excerpt from Lost Memory Romance

Thought I’d share another short excerpt from “Lost Memory Romance”

Jason desperately wanted to say something.  To remind her that she had once stopped by this very station many years ago when he had been little more than a rookie.  She had been working on article for a school paper and had stopped by to see if she could interview a couple of the guys there.  He had happened to be on duty that day.  Jason could still remember the surprise evident in Brenda’s eyes when he opened the door.  He, as well as a couple of the other guys, had answered her questions and then he had given her a quick tour of the station including the bay with engines & trucks.  His breath quickened as he remembered helping her down from the engine.  How she had felt sliding down the length of his body.  For a moment they had stood there staring at each other.  A tell-tale blush on Brenda’s cheek had indicated that she had felt the contact every bit as much as he had.  Whether from embarrassment or to save face, Brenda had quickly gone back to her reason for stopping by in the first place and Jason, once he had discreetly readjusted himself, had done the same leaving the incident unmentioned.


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