The Right Decision – A 2 Minute Write

I’m a bit late (ok ok, more than a bit).  Ran out of time on Friday to the  “2 minute write” challenge over at Unemployed Imagination.  Saturday’s I (try) to take a break and just have a “Relax” day… Ummmm  pardon me while I guffaw at that…

One thing I’ve noticed, before I start, is how hard it is for me to think of a good starting point and from which story line (of the several that run through my head at any given moment that I stop and think about it.  Let me just say that trying to write when one has a tendency to be analytical  can be a royal  PIA.

Enough said.  Here’s my 2 minute write entry…..


Megan had no idea how long she sat in her car, staring at the cinderblock building in front of her.  One part of her trying to get up the courage to go up to the doors and knock.  The other part of her, rebelliously, wanting to just get the hell away from there.

Her stomach decided to revolted  and Megan closed her eyes willing the feeling of nausea to go away.  A loud rap at her window got her attention and Megan’s eyes flew open.

“Ohhh damn” she thought as she grudgingly opened her car door, and promptly lost the contents of her stomach all over the pair of of black steel-toed work boots that were standing right in front of her.