Back Again – A Budding Relationship (A Sunday Photo Fiction story)


I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything.  I’d like to try and change that & get back to trying my hand at some “writing challenges” if I can.  I figured I’d start with an entry to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction challenge.  The story should be about 200 words long and the photo below is to get our creative juices going.
122 09 September 20th 2015

Melinda, held the tiny pink rose bud, that she had found shoved into the vent holes of her locker,  as she read the note that had been attached.

“A beautiful budding rose to an equally beautiful young women signifying what I hope will be a start to a budding relationship.”

There was no name, no signature to be found.  Melinda wondered who could have written the note and left the rosebud.  She tried to think through possibilities but none readily came to mind.  There was the guy that sat next to her in lab who smiled at her once in a while when she’d first sit down, but outside of that he never spoke to her or nothing.  Her mind also went to the younger of the two main security guards that she saw frequently patrolling the campus ground.  Just as quickly she dismissed that idea.  Greg was an outspoken sort who was constantly teasing her; Certainly not the type to put roses with notes attached in a person’s locker.

The next day she found another rosebud with yet another note attached.

“Look for me, in the cafeteria, during your lunch break today.”

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