Not Just any Tom, Dick or Harry Will Do

A great article on some Name Generators. Don’t know that I’ve used any of these, but have used a couple Name Generating apps on my phone. Baby Name Generators can also be helpful if you’re just looking for a name.

The Call of the Pen

 by warszawianka

What do you think of Gaylord Oglesby as a name?

Umm…depends on who he is.

He’s a serial killer in my book.

Gaylord? You’re kidding.

Yes, Gaylord, what’s wrong with Gaylord?

You’re going to call a serial killer Gaylord.

But no one would suspect him, would they?

I would. It’s no wonder he became a serial killer when his parents named him that.

Gaylord Oglesby

Osvaldo Beauchamp?


Osvaldo Beauchamp

Well, how about Lucius Grubb?

Hmmm…yeah, I like that.

Lucius Grubb it is then.

Ever had that conversation with a friend or fellow writer? A fellow writer will always understand your problem. A friend…well, they’re probably accustomed to your strange questions so they won’t be too surprised.

There are a few random name generators out there on the internet, but I’ve recently discovered two that I think are a cut above the rest.

The first one, Random Name…

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