#NaBloPoMo For Thursday Nov 5th, FFAW


Photo Credit: Sonya, of “Only 100 Words” blog


The little angel figurine sat upon the fireplace mantle as it had for the last couple hundred years. Passed down from generation to generation, the angel had been a witness to the family happenings through out the years.  It had seen the birth of 9 girls; Had seen them through the  Era of Reform and the Age of Steam.  Had seen them survive through the Civil War and both World Wars.  It had been there  with them through the struggles  of  The Panic of 1873 and the Great Depression.   It had stood witness to the girls that had gone through the Roaring 90s and the Gay 20s.  It had seen the invent of Atomb bomb and the birth of the Atomic Age.  It had seen the coming and going of the hippies and the birth of girls into Generation X and Y and even Z.  Yes it had seen a lot of things over the years.  Ohh the stories it could tell if only it could talk.

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