#NaBloPoMo For Tuesday Nov 3rd, #SundayPhotoFiction

Doing some catch up.  Here is my entry for the “Sunday Photo Fiction” challenge – Make sure you check it out and check out some of the entries.

128 11 November 1st 2015

Rosalie slowly approached the little girl sitting on the ground next to a hole, her head hung down.  Her face and clothes were streaked with dirt.

“What’s the matter”  Rosalie asked keeping a proper distance from the girl so as to not scare her.  As the little girl looked up, Rosalie could see tears running down her cheeks.

“My dolly,” the little girl sniffled.

“What happened to your dolly”  Rosalie asked softly.

“I dropped it, and it fell down the hole.  Now I don’t see her no more.”   The little girl sniffled some more.

“Well let’s see if maybe I can help.”

Rosalie lay herself down on the dirt next to the hole and peered down in the hole.

“Good News”  she replied a moment later, “I can see your dolly.”  I have something in my patrol car that will help me reach her.  Can you wait right here while I get it?”  

The girl responded with sniffle and a nod.

A few moments later the dolly was retrieved from the hole, none the worse for it’s wear, and safely returned to it’s owners arms.

“Now, let’s see about getting you back to your mommy & daddy, okay?”

Another nod and, this time, a small smile.

The dolly safely in it’s owners arms and the little girl safely back with her mom.  Rosalie headed off, her thoughts on her own little girl about same age.  She couldn’t wait to get home and hug her close.


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