#NaBloPoMo: Fri Nov 06 – 2 Minute Write

Today’s NaBlo post is for the 2 Minute Write challenge hosted by  JD Mader.

“I had a nice time this evening.”  Royce said, his arms wrapped around Kathryn.  He was just tall enough that her head rested against his chest.  She could feel his heart beat against her cheek.

“Me too,” Kathryn replied

“I can’t believe it took me this long to get together with you.”  Royce went on.

Kathryn gave a slight shrug of her shoulders.  “Life Happens,” she responded.

“More like stupidity happens” Royce replied, almost under his breath.

Royce took a small step backwards, his arms still wrapped around Kathryn.  He leaned back to look at her face.  “I’d like to see you again,” That is if you think there might be a chance for something between us.”

And if there isn’t? ” Kathryn asked softly.  Too many times she had lost out on a friendship because she had misread the signals and she  didn’t want to make the same mistake this time.

“Are you saying that there  isn’t?” Royce Inquired 

“I don’t know, maybe…. Yeah.” Kathryn stuttered

{I went a bit over the 2 minutes but I just couldn’t get a good ending at the 2 minute mark}


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