#NaBloPoMo – Picture It and Write:


My Picture It and Write story

Picking up the red dice from the table,  Jason wondered, not for the first time, what he was doing there.  When had his existence become wrapped around “the game”.  Nothing else mattered but “The Game”.  Winning became everything, became his whole life,   He found himself betting more and more often and at higher and higher amounts.  Wins became ultimate highs and at first those wins were frequent, but then came the losses and with that devastating lows.  Yet still he couldn’t stop playing the game.

Blowing on the dice, more out of habit than any hopes of extra good luck, Jason let the dice fall on to the table.  It no longer mattered if he won or lost.  Nothing mattered anymore.  Not even bothering to look at whether he had won or lost, Jason walked away from the table.  He was later found in his garage, buckled into the driver seat, with the car running.  The garage was closed up tight.



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