#NaBloPoMo – #SundayPhotoFiction: The Life She Carried

129 11 November 8th 2015

The Challenge – to write a story based on the photo above in approximately 200 words.  Read about the challenge at sundayphotofictioner.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/sunday-photo-fiction-november-8th-2015/

My Story

Margaret had always enjoyed the fall.  The orange, reds, and browns of the leaves had a relaxing effect on her.  Never had she needed the calming effect of the subdued fall colors more than now.  Her life was in complete turmoil and she wondered if she would find her way through it.  

It had been only a few weeks earlier that she had found her longtime boyfriend sitting in his car, parked in the garage, dead.  He had committed suicide.  Margaret knew that Jason had recently developed a problem with gambling but had hoped he might receive help.  In fact, she had mentioned it a time or two  in passing that perhaps he should talk to someone.  Each time, Jason had dismissed her concerns.

On the day that Margaret had found Jason in his car she had stopped by his house meaning to surprise with some big news, instead she was the one who ended up being surprised and not in a good way.  It was a wonder that she did not loose the child she carried in that very instant.  Now she had to find a way to go on despite her grief.  The child she still carried depended on it.

Read Jason’s part of the story


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