#NaBloPoMo – Sunday Photo Fiction: Did You See That?

Here is my story for Sunday Photo Fiction

burrowed with implied permission(?) from Sunday Photo Fiction

Monica’s eyes widened like saucers.  “Did you see that?” She asked of her best friend Julie.

“See what?” Julie inquired

“The eyes on that cougar.  I swear they just went red.”

Julie looked in the direction of the cougar sculpture that Monica had just pointed to.  Looking back at Monica, Julie shook her head.  “I don’t see anything special.  It looks just like all the other sculptures up there. I’m sure it’s just your imagination running away again.”

Monica looked again at the sculpture.  It now looked like all the other statutes.  Julie was probably right, her imagination must have been running away again.

“What time did you say that guy was going to meet you?” Julie asked.

“Ummm,” Monica glanced down at her watch, “8:00”

“Ummm, Monica…. About that cougar….” Julie exclaimed

Monica looked up to see the eyes glowing red hot as the sculpture morphed into real life.


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