#NaBloPoMo:  RIP to A Great Writing Challenge Host.

I was sadenned to read that the host of one of the writing challenge blogs that I follow had recently passed away.  In a way I was surprised that it affected me so deeply.  I did not really know Barbara nor (do I think I) was aware of her fight with cancer (only that she did have some health issues…..  And yet, inexplicably, I found myself moved to tears.

I know there are many others of you out there who linked to Barbara’s (Salmon Fishing Queen)  weekly challenge – Monday Finish the Story and were inspired by her photo prompt & lead off sentence.  I never got to know Barbara but looked forward to her prompts each week.  She certainly made us stretch our imagination and will be surely be missed by many in the writing  community.  I ask that we all keep Barbara’s family members in our thoughts & prayers.  I’ve supplied the links (above) to Barbara’s blogs so you can see them – It has been asked that we not comment or reply as they will not be monitored.

RIP Barbara; You will be greatly missed.  May G-d watch over you in Heaven. 
And may G-d in Heaven watch over her family & friends as they deal with this loss.


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