#FlashFiction – In Memory of Monday Finish the Story (Barbara Beacham)

As you may know Barbara Beacham (the host of Monday Finish the Story) recently passed away.   Priceless Joy, from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers has given us this special challenge in the memory of Barbara Beacham.   She (Barbara) will be greatly missed by many in the writing community that used her weekly challenge to stretch their imagination and inspire their writing.  Here is my story::


Barbara flew across the sky, above the ocean, heading towards her “assignment”  “Why me?”  She thought to herself.  Of all the people to get this assignment, why did it have to be her.  She didn’t want to deal with the reminders of the cancer that had ruined, and ultimately, taken her life.    She had cajoled, begged, and pleaded to be given another assignment…  Anything,  Anything but this one.  But her pleas had gone un answered.  As Barbara looked down upon the young women, who was to be her assignment, sitting at a desk looking out over the ocean she felt an instant connection.  She could see that the young lady desperately needed her.  This young lady was much like herself and she could see within her a strong desire to write… to share her story.  A desire the young lady did not yet know herself but it was there buried deep inside.

Veronica stared out her bedroom window at the seagulls that flew around the lighthouse off in the far distance.  How she wished she could join them and fly away from her troubles.  Ever since the doctor had given his diagnosis of cancer a couple months earlier, informing her that she only had a few months to live, she felt as if there was no longer anything to live for.  Nothing mattered anymore.  She was just going to die anyway so what was the worth in trying.  The only thing, she felt, she had to live for was her love of writing.

A ding on her computer caught her attention.  Looking down Veronica noticed a message:

“Your life has not yet ended.  You have a story, still, to share.  A story that will inspire others”.

Veronica wasn’t quite sure what to make of the messages.  Just then another message appeared.  This time it was an invitation to a writing challenge.  She had always loved  writing challenges and decided to check it out.

“You only have a few months left to live —  You can do anything you want; Nothing is impossible, the sky is the limit….  How do you spend those last few months”

Veronica opened up the blog she had created a while back and began to write.

“I have but only a few months to live….  If it were up to me, and I could do whatever my heart desired, I would spend my time……..”

RIP Barbara Beacham


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