FFfAW: Grandma Susan’s Black-Eyed Susan

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sonya, owner of the blog, Only 100 Words. Thank you Sonya!

Bridget loved taking care of the Black-Eyed Susans that grew by gate near the assisted living center where her grandmother had lived towards the end of her life.  Oddly enough her grandmother’s name was Susan.  It had been Bridget’s grandfather who had gotten the flowers for her grandmother, shortly before he had passed away.  When Bridget’s grandmother had to move into the assisted living center,  Bridget had gotten permission to move the Black-Eyed Susans to a bare spot along the fence that surrounded the center.  Every day, Bridget would come to look at the Black-Eyed Susans and to care for them.

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Sunday Photo Fiction: A Strange Building

Sunday Photo Fiction – January 24, 2016

140 01 January 24th 2016

Look at that strange building out there, the one that looks like an indian teepee.  Isn’t that the strangest thing you’ve ever seen.  Sasha held up the disposable camera she had picked up along the way, angling it this way and that trying to get the perfect picture. Finally she dropped her arms down with frustration.  I wish we could go get a closer look,  I want to get a good picture.

Miraj glanced in the direction that her sister, Sasha, was pointing.  She saw the strange shaped building  amidst the many modern looking buildings that cluttered the skyline.  Miraj gave a non-challant shrug of her shoulders.  She had only come to this big city because Sasha had begged and pleaded with her to come with.  Truth be told she would much rather be back home in their small village.  Unlike her sister Sasha who preferred the sights and sounds of the big city, Miraj preferred the quiet stillness of the village they grew up in.  While Sasha talked of leaving the village one day, Miraj planned to stay and live the rest of her life in the small village.

Stuck – A Sunday Photo Fiction short story

Another Writing Challenge by Sunday Photo Fiction.  The rules are to write a 200 word story based on the provided photo.

The photo for this week is shown below:

139 01 January 17th 2016

“My Queen” – A Friday Fictioneer Short Story

I am joining Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ challenge –  Friday Fictioneers – where we are prompted to write a short story of 100 words (with beginning, middle, and end).

Here is my story inspired by the photo below:



Opening the gate, Sasha felt as if she had walked into a different time and place.  Where  withered vines, dead flowers, and silence had greeted  her earlier; Now vines covered with fine gold  and beautiful fragrant flowers stood before her.  The sounds of birds chirping could be heard in the air.

Suddenly there was a flash of white, blinding, light.  When Sasha could see again, she saw a man dressed entirely in white standing before her.  Taking her hand the gentleman brought it to his lips, kissing it. 

“My Queen,” he stated,  “You have arrived.”

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My “2 Minute Story” for January 15,2016

Katie pulled over to the right as she heard sirens coming from somewhere behind her.  She didn’t think much of it as she watched a fire rescue truck go past her.  Even when they turned onto her street, Katie wasn’t really phased.  It wasn’t until she saw them continue on towards where her house was,stopping  in front of her home. Pulling in behind them, Katie slammed her car into park jumping out and running towards her house.  Strong arms  detained her, stopping her forward motion.

This is my 2 minute story for this week.

“All Those Bones” My Story – FFAW Week of Jan 05, 2016

Okay, so here’s my story for the  FFAW challenge for the week of January 05, 2016 which gives the following picture as inspiration:

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Pixabay.com

Nickie struggled to keep up with the teacher as he continued his lecture on the human anatomy..  This week he was talking about the different bones that were in the human body…in intricate detail.    Nickie never knew there was so much to be learned about the bones in the human body.   It seemed staggering, all there was to learn….  But if she hoped to get a degree in the field of medicine, as a bone doctor, she’d better get a handle on all those bones.

Friday Fictioneers: 


Photo Credit : Jean L. Hays

A Rare Treat

Monica held the hot latte in her hands, letting its warmth seep through them.  To have such a treat was a rarity.  To be drinking in such a fancy establishment was beyond anything she had ever imagined.  Out of the blue the elderly woman had asked if she might buy her a cup of coffee.  Never had Monica imagined that the lady meant to come here to buy her coffee.  When the waitress came back with a hot cinnamon roll, she thought she might cry…  Cinnamon rolls, how long haid it been since she had a cinnamon roll.

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2015 in review

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