Sunday Photo Fiction: A Strange Building

Sunday Photo Fiction – January 24, 2016

140 01 January 24th 2016

Look at that strange building out there, the one that looks like an indian teepee.  Isn’t that the strangest thing you’ve ever seen.  Sasha held up the disposable camera she had picked up along the way, angling it this way and that trying to get the perfect picture. Finally she dropped her arms down with frustration.  I wish we could go get a closer look,  I want to get a good picture.

Miraj glanced in the direction that her sister, Sasha, was pointing.  She saw the strange shaped building  amidst the many modern looking buildings that cluttered the skyline.  Miraj gave a non-challant shrug of her shoulders.  She had only come to this big city because Sasha had begged and pleaded with her to come with.  Truth be told she would much rather be back home in their small village.  Unlike her sister Sasha who preferred the sights and sounds of the big city, Miraj preferred the quiet stillness of the village they grew up in.  While Sasha talked of leaving the village one day, Miraj planned to stay and live the rest of her life in the small village.


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