#WritingChallenge: Picture It and Write

Here is the photo to inspire us for this “Picture It and Write” challenge hosted by Ermilia.


Gloria walked up the familiar path to her grandmother’s home. She still couldn’t believe her grandmother, so vibrant and full of life was gone. Even more surprising to Gloria was the fact that she had left this house to her. She had been certain that it would have gone to one of her older brothers but the will had been quite clear in its wording. As she walked her mind went to all the wonderful times she had shared with her grandmother, all the good times they had shared.

Walking up the porch steps, Gloria saw the front door open. Stopping mid-step, her mouth gaped open.

“I hope you don’t mind. I’ve been taking care of the place since your grandmother died. Figured I’d take care of a few things before you got here.”

“No,” Gloria stammered trying not to stare. ‘Steven? No way! It couldn’t be.’ Gloria thought to herself. It couldn’t be the beanpole looking kid with braces she had once known.

(165 words)



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