Daily Prompt: The Masked Admirer

Decided to do a short story on today’s Daily Prompt by TheDaily Post – Mask .  I’m afraid I could not think of a better title for my little story.


“May I have this dance, M’Lady”  A gentleman, wearing an exotic mask, asked with a sweeping bow.

“Only if you will but pay the price to dance with a fair maiden.” Emily replied, trying not to giggle at her own words.

“That I shall, if the price be but a single white rose.”  The gentleman produced a single white rose from behind his back, bowing once more as he extended the rose.
Emily accepted with a curtsy.  “I must ask who you might be?” For every one present wore a mask.  I will reveal this to you, but first a dance.  

The gentleman extended his hand for Emily to take.   Taking his hand, Emily allowed herself to be led on to the dance floor.  One dance led to another, which led to another.

“you promised to reveal yourself to me after a dance”Emily said as they walked off the dance floor.

“I did, and I shall” the gentleman replied.  Turning to face he, he lifted the mask.  Emily let out a gasp of surprise to find Jason standing in front of her.  Surely if he knew who she was he never would have danced with her.  Part of her wished to let him think what he wished, but the other knew that honesty must prevail.  Besides, he had revealed himself to her and she must do the same.

With a heavy heart and downcast eyes, Emily lifted her mask.  After several monents she lifted her eyes slightly expecting to be left standing alone.  But to her surprise, Jaso  was still standing in front of her.  

“You didn’t have to reveal yourself, for I knew who you were from the beginning”

“And yet you still ask me to dance” Emily responded.

“Why wouldn’t I” Jason asked.

“Because most guys avoid me like the plague” Emily replied.

“Well This is one guy who isn’t planning on doing so.”

Leaning forward, Jason placed a single soft, gentle kiss against Emily’s lips before replacing her mask and, once again, leading her onto the dance floor wear a slow sultry number played.


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