2 Minute Writing Challenge: I Remember

Here is my entry for JD Mader’s “2 Minute Write” Challenge
Marcia stopped mud sentence.

Marcia stopped mid sentence, her eyes lifting to meet Jason’s.  Looking at him as if really seeing him for the first time.

“It was you.” She stated, her  words softly spoken like a question mark. “It was you I saw in my memory.”

Jason didn’t say a word.  He desperately wanted to admit she was right that it had been him, but he could hear the words of his friend (and Marcia’s doctor) in his mind.  She needed to remember these things on her own. Otherwise they would never know if they were actually her memories or not. More importantly, she would not know.

“It was you,” She said again, her voice sounding more certain. “It was you!  I remember! I remember!”


Friday Fictioneer – Where is it?

Friday Fictioneer: June 03, 2026


Thanks to Piya Singh for this week’s photo prompt.


Where the hell was it??  

Samantha searched in vain trying desperately to remember where the path was to the old cabin. She knew it had to be nearby, but everything had grown up so much around it she couldn’t tell exactly where it was.  

Finally she made out the path and found the old abandoned cabin. Letting herself inside, Samantha felt the first small sense of relief she’d had all day. Beyond exhausted, Samantha fell unto the bed, not even bothering to undress or turn on any lights.   

Moments later two blood curdling screams filled the air….. One her own. 

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers -Life Goes On

 FFFAW week 68

Thank you Barbara Taylor for supplying our prompt photo this week!

He sat watching as life continued on across the river. He could just barely make out people walking on the paths and streets on the other side. Barely make out the cars driving by. Important people with places to go things to do. Too important to worry about the likes of someone they considered deemed filthy and unworthy. Just another “drunken slum dirtying up the streets”. His past, his sacrifices, meant nothing. It didn’t matter that over the years he saw several of his comrades die… Didn’t matter that time and time again he was told buck up & toughen up. Didn’t matter that time and again he turned to drink to forget. That last fiery hell, watching a brother die just feet away, had been the final straw that drove him to drink himself to oblivion. His life had fallen apart after that till he had nothing left.

(148 words)