2 Minute Writing Challenge: I Remember

Here is my entry for JD Mader’s “2 Minute Write” Challenge
Marcia stopped mud sentence.

Marcia stopped mid sentence, her eyes lifting to meet Jason’s.  Looking at him as if really seeing him for the first time.

“It was you.” She stated, her  words softly spoken like a question mark. “It was you I saw in my memory.”

Jason didn’t say a word.  He desperately wanted to admit she was right that it had been him, but he could hear the words of his friend (and Marcia’s doctor) in his mind.  She needed to remember these things on her own. Otherwise they would never know if they were actually her memories or not. More importantly, she would not know.

“It was you,” She said again, her voice sounding more certain. “It was you!  I remember! I remember!”


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