Daily Prompt: Waiting (Fictional Story)

Written for the Daily Prompt (October 18, 2016): Waiting

The waiting was the worse.

Ellie had driven to the station nearly in hysterics.  She had tried to call but had been unable to get any answers.  At the station, one of the officers had ushered her into the back into one of the rooms used for interrogations.  Likely he had done so so she wouldn’t upset anyone else.

Unable to sit, Ellie found herself pacing back and forth.  The sound of the door opening had her turning towards it.  The sight of him nearly had her knees buckling, instead she found herself rushing forward.  Strong arms enveloped her.  The wait was over, he was okay.  Later she would learn what had happenned.  For now he simply held her.


Flash Fiction Challenge: October 12

My story for Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge: October 12

The wet sand squished beneath her bare feet but Monica felt nothing, nothing but numbness. The sun shining, the birds chirping, they meant nothing. Over and over her mind replayed the events of that day. Jeff getting on his cycle and heading into work, the sight of uniformed officers showing up at her door. She recalled smiling in recognition, the smile dying as she caught the serious expressions on their face. Heard the screams as they shared the bad news…. A drunk driver had run Jeff over. He had been pronounced dead on scene. 

Friday Fictioneers – Money Well Spent

Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Weisoff-Fields
“Marjorie! No, Stop!”, Teresa yelled as her 2 year old daughter ran towards the open back door. Teresa hadn’t realized, till that moment, that the door was opened. She always kept the door shut and locked.
The unmistakable sound of a splash told Teresa that the water in the lake behind the house was especially high. With a burst of speed, she got to the water’s edge to find that Marjorie had rolled unto her back so she could keep her head above water as she had been taught in swimming class.
“Money well spent”, Teresa thought as she rescued her daughter.