Genius (FFfAW)

Below is my story for Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer (Nov 8 – 14)

Based on the (provided) picture below

Photo Credit: Lain Kelly

“What are those Officers doing over there?” Jack asked.“Well now I don’t rightly know but right now you need to be focused on the board in front of you.” His mother replied.

Jack had an IQ level that was unbelievable, his mind like a computer at times. The one major difficulty Jack had was that he was easily distracted by things going on around him and there was a tendency for his mind to wander away from the immediate task at hand.

“You can do it, Jack” His mother encouraged, “Focus. What should your next move be?”


Sunday Photo Fiction – Close Call

My story for Sunday Photo Fiction

Based on the below picture:

Grumbling as she rushed out the front door of her apartment, Gabriella suddenly stopped and let out a blood curdling scream as a huge slab of concrete rock fell from above smashing into the ground just a few mere feet in front of her. Just a couple seconds earlier getting out the door, and that rock would have smashed into her.

The stress of the “close-call” was way too much for her. Badly shaken, Gabriella went into a dead faint, her head striking against the concrete rock as she fell to the ground.  

Tenants found her lying on the ground, unconscious, later that afternoon – blood pooled around her head.  
Emergency Services were called… Sadly, she did not survive.

Lesson: When things happen to make you late, don’t grumble or rush…. The delay could save your life.