Sunday Photo Fiction – Close Call

My story for Sunday Photo Fiction

Based on the below picture:

Grumbling as she rushed out the front door of her apartment, Gabriella suddenly stopped and let out a blood curdling scream as a huge slab of concrete rock fell from above smashing into the ground just a few mere feet in front of her. Just a couple seconds earlier getting out the door, and that rock would have smashed into her.

The stress of the “close-call” was way too much for her. Badly shaken, Gabriella went into a dead faint, her head striking against the concrete rock as she fell to the ground.  

Tenants found her lying on the ground, unconscious, later that afternoon – blood pooled around her head.  
Emergency Services were called… Sadly, she did not survive.

Lesson: When things happen to make you late, don’t grumble or rush…. The delay could save your life.


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